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Mar 17, 2021 2021-03 Business Administration

FindMBA: Securing a competitive online MBA place

Because of COVID-19 and the resulting economic downturn, business school applications are skyrocketing, according to a recent article on Online MBA programs, like the iMBA from Gies College of Business, are seeing record demand from working professionals looking to improve their credentials.

“We know during an economic downturn, people turn to higher education,” Aaricka Hellberg, Gies' coordinator of learner relations, told “We have also added some flexibility in the admissions process, which is another contributing factor."

At Gies, you can earn a high-quality MBA without any trade-offs. The iMBA’s curriculum, delivery, and engagement are tailored in a way that’s most impactful for students in the online space. Gies students earn, on average, a 20% raise during their time in the program, and 94% of graduates would highly recommend the iMBA to a friend. The program’s flexibility allows you to earn an MBA without quitting your job, and its affordability means you’ll enjoy an ROI that is unmatched.

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