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Feb 10, 2021 2021-02 Business Administration Student

FindMBA: Weighing the ROI of an online MBA

MBA programs come in all different delivery formats, lengths, and price points, and experts say determining the best program for you requires the right research and trusting your gut. According to a recent article on, “there is an extreme valuation gap between online MBAs, [and] prospective students should look beyond the headline figure to determine which program is right for them.”

At Gies, tuition for the iMBA program is far below that of most other programs. It’s a price point that reflects Gies’ mission-driven approach to delivering education. “The iMBA was founded with the mission of providing access, and one big barrier to access is price,” said Associate Dean Brooke Elliott. “By lowering the cost of the degree, we have been able to attract highly qualified students who otherwise would not have been able to pursue graduate education.”

At Gies, you can earn a high-quality MBA without any trade-offs. The iMBA’s curriculum, delivery, and engagement are tailored in a way that’s most impactful for students in the online space. Gies students earn, on average, a 20% raise during their time in the program, and 94% of graduates would highly recommend the iMBA to a friend. The program’s flexibility allows you to earn an MBA without quitting your job, and its affordability means you’ll enjoy an ROI that is unmatched.

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