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Jun 30, 2015 2015-06 Business Administration Faculty

Why Business Schools Want More H-1B Visas

  Elizabeth Chominski Elizabeth Chominski Elizabeth Chominski, Associate Director - MBA Advising, recently spoke to Poets & Quants on the topic of H-1B visas for international students enrolled in the Illinois MBA program.
Elizabeth Chominski also favors an expansion of the limit on H-1B visas, to provide more U.S. opportunities for international MBAs from American schools. “Companies want to hire great talent and we live in a global society,” Chominski says. “If people are investing in an education here in the United States and want to be in the U.S. work force and be part of the work that these great companies are doing, I feel like we should support them.” [...] At the Illinois College of Business, the majority of foreign MBAs who want to stay and work in the U.S. find a way, either by winning the visa lottery or using a workaround such as getting posted overseas for a year and coming back on an easier-to-obtain visa, Chominski says. But, she says, international MBAs should keep an open mind. An Indian citizen, for example, who worked in India for a European company then obtained an MBA in the U.S., could be an excellent candidate to lead a firm’s new division in China or Brazil, Chominski suggests. “I wouldn’t advise anyone to focus just on the United States because there are clearly great opportunities on every continent.”
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