International Opportunities

International Business Immersion Trip to China

Students have the opportunity learn about the global nature of business through a simulated international business immersion experience. Not only do they experience how business is conducted first-hand by visiting multinational companies, but students also get the chance to immerse themselves in the culture, food, and visit some of the most famous sites around the world.

Cultural Immersion

Students immediately immerse themselves into China’s vibrant culture through its unique cuisine, language, and art. Participants must take an hour seminar in the Spring semester prior to attending the trip. From extravagant dance performances to hospitable dinners, students experience a variety of traditions to gain a better appreciation of Chinese culture. 

Landscapes and Cityscapes

In addition to scheduled corporate visits and tourist events, students are granted the freedom to explore the cities of Beijing and Shanghai in their free time. Popular attractions include the open markets, skyscraper tours, and local restaurants and eateries. Part of trip also includes visiting the steppes of Inner Mongolia for a more rural and traditional experience.

Corporate Interaction

The primary component of the international immersion trip is for students to better understand the dynamics of business in China. Students visit the T&M corporate sponsors at their offices in China to learn about the companies’ national and multinational strategies. In addition to company visits, students interact with a variety of Illinois alumni that live in Beijing and Shanghai.

International Case Competitions

Each winter, a select group of T&M students has the opportunity to travel abroad to compete in a business case competition. Students form teams with students from Germany, Brazil, and Hong Kong to solve real, pressing business problems.

T&M 2015 Case Competition: Rio de Janeiro

Last year, students traveled to Brazil to develop a business plan centered on utilizing drone technology: