Frequently Asked Questions

Applying to and participating in the T&M Program is an exciting opportunity and experience! Previous applicants have asked us these questions concerning the program:

How are students selected for the program?
Students are selected through an application process. Students are invited to apply in the spring semester preceding their junior year. The application is a series of essay questions which assess an applicant’s background, interests, academic qualifications, and career goals.
How much additional work does the program involve?
The T&M curriculum requires 22 credit hours for completion. The courses in the program are not more or less difficult than required junior and senior courses in engineering and business majors. The capstone senior project accounts for 4 credits and typically requires diligent application of time and effort in the fourth semester of the program.
Can I get elective credit for any of the T&M courses I take?
This depends upon the specific policies and guidelines of individual departments. Your academic advisor will be able to provide you this information.
Will participation in the program delay my graduation?
You must fit 22 credit hours into the curriculum of your major. Depending upon how many elective credits you receive for T&M courses and how many advanced placement credits you had when you enrolled at the University, you may need to increase your course load, attend summer school, or extend your graduation to complete the program. You will be required to plan out your curriculum showing how you will accommodate the additional courses as part of the application process.
Is it possible to take one or more T&M courses without being enrolled in the program?
No. T&M courses are only taken by students in the T&M program.
Can graduate students apply to the T&M Program?
No, the T&M Program is an undergraduate minor.  There is a Master’s of Science in Technology & Management Program.  For more information please go to:  of call 217-244-9202

We want to ensure you learn as much about the program as you can and encourage you to contact the T&M Program Office for any additional questions.