About T&M

The Hoeft Technology & Management Program is a University Minor in which undergraduate engineering and business majors learn together in an integrated program without sacrificing disciplinary depth in their major fields of study. Teams of business and engineering students work together to develop comprehensive solutions to real world problems.

To prepare engineering and business graduates to function effectively in a technical, interdisciplinary, team-based industry environment.The T&M Mission Statement


In an era when increasing domestic and international competition have caused industry to fundamentally re-define its management, the need to hire graduates who can “hit the ground running” is of paramount importance. The time and cost involved in training college graduates to work in cross-functional teams is a luxury that most companies can no longer afford.

Companies need engineering students who understand various market forces and the financial implications of technological innovation.
Companies need business majors who understand the intricacies of product development and capabilities of engineering disciplines.

The Hoeft Technology & Management Program addresses these needs by providing undergraduate students a working knowledge of the fundamental elements of their cross-disciplines and the opportunity to exercise this knowledge by working together on project teams that mirror those found in most companies today.

Business and Engineering Students, Together

Admission to the program is competitive and requires application by prospective students during the spring semester of their sophomore year. Students then enter the program in their junior year and pursue the prescribed course of study while satisfying requirements for a bachelor’s degree in their engineering or business major. The program looks to admit equal numbers of students from the College of Business and the College of Engineering.

In the program’s integrated capstone project course, multidisciplinary teams focus on a specific problem posed by one of the program’s corporate affiliates. These projects address problems characterized by significant technical and managerial issues.

Technology & Management students are among the most accomplished in the University. Each maintains full standing in their college, both of which post the most stringent entrance requirements in the University. T&M students must complete all the requirements for their business or engineering degrees in addition to the 22-hour T&M curriculum.