The Technology & Management Program is proud of its expanding alumni network, full of diverse professionals and academics from across the country and the world.

Since the program’s inception more than twenty years ago, the University of Illinois has graduated hundreds of alumni from the Technology & Management Program. Graduates from the program have continued to be involved with the program and have participated actively in its network.

Where Do Our Alumni Go?

Companies across different fields and professions have actively recruited our alumni. Here is just a small sample of those companies from our 2016 graduates:

What Do Our Alumni Say?

The company visits were extremely beneficial, and it was a treat to talk to executives with such high positions in the company. Also the visit to Beihang University was awesome! It allowed me to understand what life in Beijing is like from someone who is in the same place in life as I am.Matthew Morris, Class XV
The best aspect of T&M was having the opportunity to meet and learn from my T&M classmates. Much of the value of the program comes from the skills and experience I developed from working on team projects and collaborative assignments. Overall the T&M program was a great learning experience that prepared me well both academically and professionally.Harrison Hsueh, Class XII